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Urban Architecture
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Social Networking App

yChat is an app the unifies both messaging technologies and social media feed technologies into one app. We are creating more seamless integrations of chats and social media shoutouts. Without having to open multiple apps and with the ability to instantly share posting via yChat messaging. 

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iShook Social Web Platform

Web Platform is the base aggregate web app for the iShook technological network. Its key features are and are not limited to basic feeds as compared to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Posting features which we call wires outgoing sharing feature of wires to other third-party apps such a LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram. 

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Publishing Platform

The world has evolved or devolved from brick and mortar to e-publishing. We are completely changing how we discover books, magazines, art, and so on. iShook app was built from scratch in 2013 with over-a-dozen updates and over a dozen features to enable as close to brick-and-mortar experience as possible. 


iShook Audio Book

Audio Platform is a depository of over 14k free audiobooks from Librivox and is also a platform for audiobooks’ self-publishing.  

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Music Platform

Recently launched lets content makers and users import their created playlists or Podcasts from or upload their music for resale on We are providing an alternative to the current way peoples create and share music.

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Video Platform

Recently launched lets content makers import their Youtube video or Vimeo videos into or upload their video. We are providing an alternative to the current way peoples create and share a video. 

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iShook Daily Logo
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Journalistic Platform

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eCommerce Platform

iShook is the first freelance independent publishing of journalistic publishing and free works iShook daily and finance web apps are built solely to enable journalist to independently publish their articles. iShook daily and finance pull feeds off all other journalistic platforms to aggregate all types of articles from all spectrums.

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