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iShook Daily | With Guest Barry Onody | Ep. 3

iShook Daily | With Guest Barry Onody | Ep. 3

Barry Allan Onody has always had a passion for acting and entertaining, he is a natural story teller and jokester with an ability to make everyone feel at ease. Laughter is always in the air when Barry is in the room. It surfaced in his youth where he was raised in southern Alberta, Canada. People always looked forward to seeing Barry, his early years in 4H clubs he entertained with his endless repertoire of jokes. That followed him into his rodeo years with his Dad, the playful entertainer kept everyone laughing. So of course Barry was drawn to acting like a moth to a flame when it came to theatre arts in high school, college and on into his professional life. The acting bug kept calling him to study the craft and pursue his interest in film and television. Acting has brought many wonderful things into Barry's life, while in Calgary attending acting classes he met his wife, Tara, which is now a 38 year long love affair with more years to come. With her support he traveled to the US to train with Judy Kerr and Terry Berland in Los Angeles. Barry went on to have a successful career in commercials in Canada, while adding in small movie roles. His priority changed for a few years as providing for his growing family took over. But his fingers were always in some sort of local theatre production. Acting finally lead him to Los Angeles where he now dedicates his time pursing his acting passion. In 2012 for RAW TV of England, Barry starred in an episode of the "Locked up Abroad" Franchise. Barry's lead role was portraying real life mobster Frank Cullotta for the episode "Locked up Abroad - Vegas Mobster". That was shot and filmed in Cape Town South Africa. At the present time Barry has 9 films on the books in pre-production to be completed within the next 1-2 years, all leading and strong supporting roles. X The End Time - Lead Role to be shot in Turkey in March/April 2021; Warriors of Eight Flags - Strong supporting role - 2021 - to be shot in Los Angeles/Hong Kong and Finland; Searching 4U Lead Role - Late 2021 to be shot Europe and USA; Lead Role in Ocassus - To be filmed 2021 filming in California and Tennessee; Devils Highway - 2021 to be filmed California, strong supporting role. The remaining 4 films are all in early stages, one is a trilogy with myself as the lead character, more to follow as it is developed, production by NightVision Productions out of Los Angeles/San Diego. Barry holds Dual Citizenship - American/Canadian and can work both countries, no visa required. Barry is SAGe and ACTRA out of Canada. These 9 roles will move Barry into SAG/AFTRA. See less
iShook Daily | With Guest Dawna Lee Heising | Ep. 2

iShook Daily | With Guest Dawna Lee Heising | Ep. 2

Dawna Lee Heising has acted in over 220 feature films and has won awards in over 650 films as an actor/producer/publicity director. She is the VP of Aki Aleong's Mustard Seed Media Group and has a B.S. Degree in Business Management and MBA from Pepperdine University. Her uncle is legendary DP Tak Fujimoto ("Silence of the Lambs," "Sixth Sense"), and her cousins David Wong and George Daugherty received a Primetime Emmy Award for their televised Broadway production of "Peter and the Wolf on Broadway". Dawna has won over 360 Best Actress awards for feature films and television. She received the Elite Martial Arts Spirit Award at the 2023 Golden Gate Hall of Honors Martial Arts Awards and was named "Actress & Action Star of the Year" at the 2021 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awards. She is honored and excited to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for 2023, alongside Diane Franklin and Mark Patton. Dawna was honored to work with the great Eddie Griffin in Param Gill's "Bad President", which premiered at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival, and with legendary star Tom Arnold in Adam Werth's "Alien Storm" from Mahal Empire Productions. She plays Lisa in "PTSD: A Soldier's Revenge," which stars Daniel Baldwin, Tom Sizemore, and Robert LaSardo, and Ms. Fairchild in Diana Carter's "Recipes for Love", starring Daniel Baldwin and Nicholas Turturro. Dawna played the lead role of Nikki Carter in Walter Hochbrueckner's "The Paradise Motel," with Mel Novak, and will be reprising her role in the sequel "Next Stop: Hell's End," with Yan Birch. Dawna is trained in Tang Soo Do martial arts and pole dancing. She is a former Miss Los Angeles Chinatown, Ms. US World, Ms. World, Ms. Universe, Miss San Francisco Universe, Miss Orange County Universe, Miss Orange County America, Miss California Hemisphere and Mrs. California United States, among many other titles. She was honored to be the Queen of the 2019 Hollywood Silver Screen Film Festival, the 2018 WIND International Film Festival Queen and the 2021 Kaiju International Film Festival Queen. Dawna studies acting with Matthew Arkin and Karole Foreman, and her martial arts KwanJangNim is Grand Master Rick St. Clair. She is a long-time member of SAG-AFTRA.
Introducing Daniel Baldwin | iShook's New Partner HD

Introducing Daniel Baldwin | iShook's New Partner HD

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE iShook Announces the Addition of Acclaimed Actor Daniel Baldwin to Head iShook Productions and Develop a New Streaming Platform iShook, a leading digital content and knowledge sharing platform, is excited to announce the appointment of acclaimed actor Daniel Baldwin as Head of iShook Productions. Mr. Baldwin, a seasoned professional with over 100 film and television roles to his credit, will spearhead the development of a groundbreaking streaming platform, which will be announced in the near future. With an illustrious career in the entertainment industry, Daniel Baldwin has showcased his skills both in front of and behind the camera. His extensive experience and connections within the industry make him an invaluable asset to the iShook team as the company ventures into the realm of streaming platforms and digital media production. "We are beyond thrilled to welcome Daniel Baldwin to the iShook family," said Beni Rachmanov, Founder and CEO of iShook. "Daniel's expertise in the entertainment industry and his passion for storytelling make him the perfect leader for iShook Productions. We are confident that his vision and dedication will play a significant role in shaping the future of our company." "I am honored to join the iShook team and excited to lead iShook Productions," said Daniel Baldwin. "The company's commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional value to its users has always been inspiring. I look forward to contributing to iShook's mission and bringing forth a new era of streaming content and immersive experiences." About iShook iShook is a pioneering digital content and knowledge sharing platform that empowers creators, authors, and publishers to share their work with a global audience. With a user-friendly interface and advanced search functionality, iShook provides a seamless experience for users to discover, consume, and engage with a wide array of content, including e-books, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. iShook's innovative approach to content distribution and discovery is changing the way people access and share knowledge around the world. For more information about iShook Inc., please visit iShook or follow the company on social media: Facebook - @ishookco Twitter - @ishookco Instagram @ishook411 LinkedIn @ishook Media Contact: Temporary Contact CEO - Beni Rachmanov iShook #danielbaldwin #blockchaintechnology #producer #movie #movies #moviemaking #contentcreators #entrepreneurship #baldwin #ishook

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